The condition of my equipment is very important to me. If I did not care about the condition of my dumpsters and trucks that would seem like I really don’t care about the business because if the condition of the equipment was bad I would for sure lose a lot of clients. So to keep them in good condition is crucial for me. Sadly there is nothing I can do to take care of the dumpsters while they are rented but still need to somehow protect them from damaging.

Therefore every time a dumpster comes back from a client I make sure to properly clean it, repair any damage if there is any to be ready for the next client. Let’s be real no one wants to rent a rusty dumper full of holes and I really think by cleaning and repairing them I am saving clients for the business.


Differ from other companies

Making the tiniest change or upgrade can mean a lot to the business. When I first started this business I was on my own no employees just me working alone, and just for a moment, I thought nothing will ever change. Was I surprised after hiring two people, in that moment was the turning point I knew that my company is going to be expanding and upgrading every year.

And here we are after 8 years one of the best dumpster renting business in Kansas City. And we are still growing always here to offer you better quality service. My employees were never complaining I try to treat them just like I would a customer. They are working with some of the best trucks for delivering dumpsters. Of course, dumpster are made out of high quality material too, very thick metal and almost never gets rusty.

To protect them from the weather we are storing them into a hangar, that way they will last