I always hear stories about people who had a very rough start to their business. How the first two years are the one that decides your and the company’s future. Many of my friends have tried to start a business on their own but sadly very few had succeeded. I have been asked many times how did I succeed what is my “secret” that keeps the business going. In those moments I realize how lucky I am to be doing what I love for a living.

Also, I get a lot of hate from people who have failed at their thing because they get jealous of my success. But I try not to listen to them and trying to stay focused. Usually, I tell those people that this is not luck, I have built my company from scratch, with hard work and open mind everyone can do it.


My way to the top

Being the best at something takes a lot of time and effort. I remember exactly how I started my business. Seeing there is a big demand for dumpsters in Kansas I took the (opportunity) chance and started it. Of course, nobody believed in me and my idea. Everyone thought it was going to be a failure and that I am going to regret it. But I had this feeling that it will be a success and I kept going with it. There were few dumpster rental places before me but they were much smaller businesses than I imagined mine to be. Over the first year, the business exploded  I was the only one with so much equipment and soon everyone started realizing that I was the best in the city.

Quickly after the first year, few other people started the same dumpster business. Of course, that was bad for me in a certain way. Less and less customers came to me for my services, but that made me just realize I need to improve to get better if I want to keep the company running. So I made some changes and it seems to been working since.