What does my business offer

When a client comes in for the first time he usually doesn’t know what size of the dumpster he actually needs. So the first thing we have to offer is our experience in working with dumpsters and waste material. We are more than happy to help the client and estimate what size of the dumpster he needs. All of my employees are well trained and all of them have a lot of experience and I say that proudly because there are just a few business owners that can say that.

We offer dumpers in sizes of 10, 20, 30, 35 and 40 yards. 40 yard dumpster is the biggest you can get anywhere, at least for personal use. When we determine what size you need there is not much else to it just arrange the time when you need it to be delivered and for how long do you need it for.

Transportation of dumpsters

Transportation of dumpsters

We are always on time, if you need a dumpster for tomorrow you will get it. The question we usually have to ask is what type of waste material the customer have. If it is plastic, metal or glass because those materials can be recycled and we are all about saving the planet and recycling everything we can. Plus we get money for that material we recycle so it’s beneficial to us. After we sort the materials the waste what can’t be recycled goes into special underground dumps, which later gets covered with dirt and that land becomes perfectly fertile for growing plants.

That way we are saving the city from awful smell. After emptying the dumpsters they are not yet ready to go in the hangar. They need to get thorough cleaned and fixed if needed. At the end of the year, we usually repaint every dumpster just to add to the looks, and get every truck checked and overhaul them. After that they are ready for a fresh start for the new year. And that is a circle we are working with here at dumpster rental.

Making sure everything is tidy

The condition of my equipment is very important to me. If I did not care about the condition of my dumpsters and trucks that would seem like I really don’t care about the business because if the condition of the equipment was bad I would for sure lose a lot of clients. So to keep them in good condition is crucial for me. Sadly there is nothing I can do to take care of the dumpsters while they are rented but still need to somehow protect them from damaging.

Therefore every time a dumpster comes back from a client I make sure to properly clean it, repair any damage if there is any to be ready for the next client. Let’s be real no one wants to rent a rusty dumper full of holes and I really think by cleaning and repairing them I am saving clients for the business.


Differ from other companies

Making the tiniest change or upgrade can mean a lot to the business. When I first started this business I was on my own no employees just me working alone, and just for a moment, I thought nothing will ever change. Was I surprised after hiring two people, in that moment was the turning point I knew that my company is going to be expanding and upgrading every year.

And here we are after 8 years one of the best dumpster renting business in Kansas City. And we are still growing always here to offer you better quality service. My employees were never complaining I try to treat them just like I would a customer. They are working with some of the best trucks for delivering dumpsters. Of course, dumpster are made out of high quality material too, very thick metal and almost never gets rusty.

To protect them from the weather we are storing them into a hangar, that way they will last

Easy start of the business

I always hear stories about people who had a very rough start to their business. How the first two years are the one that decides your and the company’s future. Many of my friends have tried to start a business on their own but sadly very few had succeeded. I have been asked many times how did I succeed what is my “secret” that keeps the business going. In those moments I realize how lucky I am to be doing what I love for a living.

Also, I get a lot of hate from people who have failed at their thing because they get jealous of my success. But I try not to listen to them and trying to stay focused. Usually, I tell those people that this is not luck, I have built my company from scratch, with hard work and open mind everyone can do it.


My way to the top

Being the best at something takes a lot of time and effort. I remember exactly how I started my business. Seeing there is a big demand for dumpsters in Kansas I took the (opportunity) chance and started it. Of course, nobody believed in me and my idea. Everyone thought it was going to be a failure and that I am going to regret it. But I had this feeling that it will be a success and I kept going with it. There were few dumpster rental places before me but they were much smaller businesses than I imagined mine to be. Over the first year, the business exploded  I was the only one with so much equipment and soon everyone started realizing that I was the best in the city.

Quickly after the first year, few other people started the same dumpster business. Of course, that was bad for me in a certain way. Less and less customers came to me for my services, but that made me just realize I need to improve to get better if I want to keep the company running. So I made some changes and it seems to been working since.

My concerns about waste disposal

I was always concerned about our planet health, seeing all the pollution all over the world, I didn’t want to be a part of that. So by recycling most of the waste material I feel like I did something good for the planet. Not a lot of people think like me and that is the main problem. They just want to get their job done as fast as they can without any concern about the damage that was done.

Personally, I get very upset whenever I see somewhere in my hometown of Kansas city illegal dump just laying on a big pile of never ending waste. It’s just gross to see something like that, it’s ruining the looks and reputation of Kansas. Sadly nobody is doing a thing about those illegal dump sites like no one really cares that they are living next to a pile of waste, and we are not talking just about plastic or metal waste. The problem is that people throw their everyday garbage there. All the leftover food and the other crap after some time start to stink but it seems no one cares.


Solution to illegal dump

After running this dumper business for over 8 years I have all the equipment and knowledge to solve the problem of illegal dump sites. This helped me and my business a lot because people started realizing if they use my services no more waste is going to be added to the piles of dump all around the city. It’s a big circle they make me happy by using my services and I make them happy by saving the city and the planet they live on.

Over this 8 years, I have rented more than 100.000 dumpsters I am extremely happy because of that. I can say this that the demand for dumpsters is higher every year. I was pleasantly surprised that people actually care about the health of the planet and choosing my services which I am very thankful for.